New (ugly) design
Hello, developers!

I was not visiting your site for some time and today discovered that you have rearranged the design of the results page. In general, the new design is more usual for the sites like yours. However, why did you add some ugly/useless/unpraktical elements?

1. The pseudo progress indicator (running line) does not indicate anything. Is it so difficult to make a really working progress indicator? I remember doing this myself back in 199x. Now is 2017....

2. Those the huge switches to turn on and off buses, trains, and blah-blah car. I know many sites use them instead of simple check-box [x], but I still wonder why? If you like them more, make them at least twice smaller. What this gigantism for?

3. The drop-down control, which allows to select sorting oder is strange. (a) it looks not like a drop-down but like a button (ok, triangle saves the situation somewhat). (b) the dropping part is more narrow than the initial button. Why?. © can you change the static text "Ergebnisse sortieren" to "Ergebnisse sortieren nach"? BTW, it is much more intuitive to sort by pressing the header cell of a table. You can simply put 4 buttons above your results table:
[Abfahrtzeit] [Dauer] [Ankunftzeit][Preis]

4. Tooltips are sometimes so wide that they go out of the window and (!) they are centered not near mouse pointer but near element center. I wonder what is the sense to implement own tooltips if they work worse than standard ones (attribute title="text" of any HTML element)? Standard tooltips auto shift the tooltip to avoid going out of the screen/window. In addition, making tooltips appearing ABOVE the current element is very questionable as it obstacles the view (usually you want the space ABOVE the mouse pointer to be free).

In addition, some tooltips are useless and HUGE (RIESIG!!!), e.g. DB logo -- it is unproportionally HUGE. and I wonder why do you need it at all. It is unneccesary "noise" when I move my mouse.

5. Three huge buttons above the results (duplication of functionality of ugly switches mentioned above). How to understand, which is pressed and which is depressed? Visually unclear. Separate them and introduce some shadows or so.

Looking forward seeing more user friendly version of your very useful site.
Thanks in advance,
Dear Edward (Bergsteiger),

thanks a lot for your detailed feedback on our new design and functionality.
We will discuss your ideas and try to further improve out website.

In fact, we are not yet fully satisfied with our "sort"-option and are especially thankful for your input [3.] concerning this matter. We will take your thoughts into consideration.

Kind regards and have a nice weekend,
David from