Hi! I am not very happy with Filter-interface.
1. I confess that for a long time I even didn't notice that there is this filter button. It is white-grey and in fact does not look like something that can be clicked (like blue on white or gold on white). It does not attract attention. Okay, keep blue buttons for going to external sites. For this one use some more noticable color, see item 3 below.

2. Something strange is written on it (and above it). It is enough to write "Filter(s)" on the "button" and that's it.

3. In fact, this "Filter(s)" button is not a button -- it is a kind of a tab. So it should look like this, e.g. with a down-triangle on the right, which turns into up-triangle when you open it. (Traditional interface also had [+] and [-] elements for opening sub-trees.) Also, the boundaries of this open block are hardly visible (color difference with background is minimal, bounding line is very thin). I suggest to improve this.

4. If I apply filters, a new blue header line appears. It says how many results were filtered and a button to reset filters. But why this blue header line is after the dates??? Logically it should be next to filters block. Or even inside it. Can you fix this?
Hello Bergsteiger,

thanks so much for your feedback. We are definetly still at the beginning of developing the whole filter feature. You are indeed right with your remarks and I invite you to follow our upcoming changes in the near future.